3 Critical Life Insurance Tips to Save You Time and Money

Here at RootFin.com, we are dedicated to helping our customers find the best possible insurance policy at an affordable price. Because life insurance is such an important decision, it’s vital that you make a well-informed decision to give your loved ones the financial protection they need if anything were to happen to you.

After helping 1,000’s of consumers purchase life insurance, we compiled what we believe are the 3 most critical pieces of information a consumer should know before purchasing life insurance online.

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No matter the amount of coverage you desire, we can help. We have helped individuals obtain coverage as low as $100,000 or even up to a one million dollar insurance policy. Let our professionals assist you today.

Tip #1: Use an Independent Broker.

If we can make just ONE recommendation to anyone purchasing life insurance, it would be to work with an experienced independent agent. There are several advantages to working with an independent insurance agent that you won’t get by going through the process alone. Life insurance companies require you to use a licensed agent to process an application, so make sure the agent you’re working with is:


Being independent means the agent can use any company on the market. Having the ability to sell insurance from more than one company puts you in a very good position. This is the main difference between an independent agent and a traditional insurance agent. With a traditional agent, you can only receive quotes from the one company you represent. Using a traditional agent could mean that you buy more for coverage or they try and sell you additional coverage that you don’t need.


Knowledge comes with experience in the life insurance industry. Knowing what company to use in YOUR unique situation can save you thousands of dollars because each carrier has different plan standards. It takes years to truly understand the marketplace and know what carriers are good with each high risk situation. Because there are so many different insurance companies out there, literally thousands, it’s vital that you find the insurance company that will look at your application favorably.

Tip #2: Online Life Insurance Quotes are NOT Accurate, Speak with an Agent.

Life insurance instant quotes you receive online cannot provide accurate rates. Premiums are determined by your health and lifestyle, not a computer program.  While good for ballparking your premiums, the majority of people who request applications based on the instant quote they receive online cannot qualify for that rate.

Also, not all life insurance companies are included on these “instant quote” websites. You could choose the best rate you find on a website, but there could be more competitive companies out there.

Tip #3: Beware of Where You’re Submitting Your Life Insurance Request.

Find a reputable independent life insurance agency.

There are a lot of “agencies” out there who are going to sell your info to a dozen agents.  If there’s no “about us” section or contact information highly visible (specifically, a phone number prominently displayed), chances are your contact information will be sold to several call centers. Search for an independent life insurance agency instead.

Any requests from Rootfin.com are handled by an experienced Rootfin life insurance agent.

By following these 3 tips, you can be confident that you’re securing the best rates available and avoiding some of the headaches many people looking for life insurance online go through.

Getting the Lowest Insurance Rates

Independent agents can save time and money while looking for your insurance policy, but it doesn’t end there. If you want to get the most affordable life insurance rates possible, there are several additional tips you can take. The company is going to look at several different factors to calculate your premiums. They are going to use things like your age, where you live, if you smoke, and your overall health to see how much you’ll pay for your life insurance coverage.

There is nothing that you can do about your age, but you can improve your health. Getting in the best shape possible is a great way to save money on your insurance coverage. After you complete the initial paperwork from the insurance company that you choose (with the help of an independent agent, of course), they are going to schedule an appointment for a paramedic to complete a medical exam. If you want to get lower monthly rates, improve your health and you’ll get rave results from your medical exam. Though do not fear, if you are in a health situation where you fear you would not pass a medical exam, there are options out there for you that do not include a medical exam.

If you’re a smoker, you’ll want to kick that happen before you apply for life insurance coverage, even though it will take a year. Yes, age plays an important role in premium calculations, but smoking plays an even bigger one. If you’re a smoker, you’re going to be paying twice as much every month for your insurance coverage.

Now you know some of the best ways to shop around for life insurance. What’s your next step?
The first thing you should do is give us a call. We would be happy to clear up any confusion you have about life insurance or we would love to be your personal insurance shoppers.

With one simple phone call, you can get affordable insurance without having to trek from company to company.

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