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1clickcoverage review life insuranceIf you’ve come across 1clickcoverage and their offer for life insurance and wondering if it’s a good deal or even a reputable company, you should give this article a quick read. You won’t be disappointed.

1clickcoverage gives you the opportunity to apply for life insurance online and give you an instant decision on your computer screen.  WITHOUT speaking with an agent.  Currently, they are the only life insurance company on the market that has this technology.

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Here’s our 1clickcoverage life insurance review:

Is 1clickcoverage a solid life insurance company?


1clickcoverage is the marketing arm for National Life Group.  National Life Group is the actual life insurance company underwriting this product.  They’ve been around since 1848 and are based out of Montpelier, Vermont.  For more information about this life insurance company, visit their website.

National Life Group (aka 1clickcoverage) holds an “A” grade with AM Best.  An “A” rating is considered an “Excellent” financial strength rating. There are many top rated life insurance companies that should be considered when making this decision for yourself, such as Pimerica Insurance to name one. There are always options out there and we can help find the best for you.

Is 1clickcoverage a good deal?

Life insurance with no medical exam will always be more expensive than traditional life insurance.  By traditional life insurance, we mean taking a medical exam to qualify.

With that said, you won’t find a better deal for term life insurance with no medical exam.  1clickcoverage is the best in the industry if you’re healthy.  Their rates are better than their no medical exam competitors, including Fidelity Life, Assurity Life, Americo, Anico.

Here’s why they have the best term life insurance rates without an exam:  They have a “preferred” health class and a “standard” health class.  If you have no medical issues and are in great health, you won’t find better pricing with their “preferred” rates.

For 1clickcoverage instant quotes, click here.

How does 1clickcoverage able to make an INSTANT decision on my application?

It takes 1clickcoverage on average 3 minutes to make a decision on your application while you’re waiting in front of your computer.  Here’s how they’re able to do that.

They reference 3 consumer agencies electronically with your social security number or drivers license number:  The MIB, MVR and Rx.

The MIB is an information exchange that helps the life and health insurance industry make decisions based on previous information shared with the exchange.  Your MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) is checked for any DUIs, reckless driving tickets, license suspensions, etc.  Your Rx (pharmacy report) is checked for any medications you take.

If you have speeding tickets, you’re fine.  If you take minor maintenance medications you’ll be fine too.  Don’t let that deter you from applying.  Their system is smart enough to ignore minor issues.

What happens when you’re approved with 1clickcoverage?

National Life Group will draft your first modal premium payment to place the policy in force.  You’ll also receive an electronic copy of your policy via email within 24 hours!

We give 1clickcoverage our stamp of approval. Want to know more about 1clickcoverage? Call us on the phone or you can apply for life insurance online here.

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I do agree with your review of 1clickcoverage. They are easy to work with and offer instant quotes with same day approval if you qualify. Coverage is available from $25,000 up to $350,000 of term life insurance for people ages 60 and under.

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